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Hi there! I’m Suna, a Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) with the Association for Nutrition. I am a Turkish speaking Cypriot, with a strong food fascination.

My interest in cooking started when I moved to London to study BSc Medical Genetics at Queen Mary University of London. With very little cooking experience, I suddenly had to cook and take care of myself. And so, it started! A new skill had been discovered – the ability to cook easy, quick and delicious meals while studying.

Food Fascination

During my first degree, I fell in love with cooking and baking, and also eating delicious food. I also liked to research the science side of cooking and the ingredients I used – I was fascinated.

So, I thought why not cultivate this skill of mine, and study nutrition in depth, then integrate genetics and nutrition. I was also interested in the psychology side of nutrition as well.

Hence, I decided to do a masters in Clinical Nutrition and Eating Disorders, in University College London. While doing my masters, I was also working voluntarily in a private clinic for children and adolescent eating disorder patients. My interest shows no sign of slowing down and I continue to advance my learning with new courses and certificates along the way!

I am proud to have a PGDip in Personalised Nutrition, a NLP practitioner certification and a Vegan Nutrition certificate, giving me a wide range of certified knowledge to help improve my clients’ lifestyles. I have also contributed regular articles as a freelance writer on the subject of nutrition for online publications.

My Food Philosophy

My philosophy is that the food we eat should be about enjoyment, connection and feeling as a whole.

From where I am from, ‘diet’ is a term used by people to restrict what they eat, label foods and lose weight, which not surprisingly is only temporary!

Instead, my focus and aim is to educate people optimise their health and lifestyle by enjoying delicious food and living a fulfilled life regarding nutrition.

Via my website and services, I provide useful information and guidance surrounding the complicated world of wellness and health. Enjoy!

About Suna Cenk Nutrition

As an experienced Registered Associate Nutritionist, I help people improve their health through the power of delicious nutrition.